Max Zoghbi is a storyteller with roots in Louisiana + The Middle East.

With a pioneering approach to filmmaking, Max is unrelentingly led by passion. Without the formal eduction of film school, Max's filmmaking journey has been a hands-on grind from the get go. His first project was "A Wake in the Current", where he and 2 close buds documented their 2,300 mile, 2 month, philanthropic kayaking journey down the entire mighty Mississippi River in 2011. This visceral inundation to documentary filmmaking made a profound impact; Max's brain and heart have since not stopped eating all things adventure + film.

In 2014 his short documentary, "Wildflower", had immense success online. It shares the tale of how he and his wife, Bonnie Kate (survivor of the 2012 Batman Theatre Shootings in Aurora, CO) met and how he craftily proposed. Max is driven by finding, writing or curating story with compelling brand and inspirational individuals. This innate draw to visceral story lends Max to visuals that purvey beauty, challenge truth and invite audiences to wonder. He has had the pleasure of making films under his collective Loupe Theory for brands and organizations like Samsung, Target, Iams, Dave Ramsey, Under Armor, Red Wing Boots, Lamar, Otterbox, Blood Water Mission, and the NBA. 

Equal parts right and left brained, Max also has extensive experience in building successful brands and loves helping others do so as well through consulting and business development.

His directorial hope is that he will continue to work with people who intuitively value collaboration, work so well together deep friendships are forged, are honest, vulnerable, and that each film he makes will look and feel more like they do in his heart and mind.

He is currently based in Louisiana but resides with his lovely wife in their renovated, mobile home+studio: a 1979 Airstream named "Rosemary".  The next chapter in his life, deemed Adventure Us, is a full-time travel lifestyle replete with collaborations, documentation, mystery, adventure and new friends for the foreseeable future.  

He would love to find a way to make something remarkable and noteworthy, together.

Thus creative geniuses were often ordinarily smart or talented people who went for it- who became enraptured or obsessed with something and devoted themselves to it- be it music, science, poetry, or philosophy. They were not people who shrank from challenge or held back their effort for fear of revealing ignorance or low ability. Nor were they people who were daunted by the inevitable obstacles that arise in the pursuit of anything difficult. Instead, their extraordinary commitment converted their talent into genius.
— Unknown

Some things max IS partial to

  • An ego-less work environment.
  • Exceptional books.
  • Productivity + life hacks.
  • A gripping story.
  • Excellent coffee.
  • Waking up in a tent someplace new.
  • Sunrises.
  • The power of observation.
  • Wendell Berry's collected works.
  • Traveling with his wife.
  • Compelling conversation with noteworthy people.
  • Brevity.
  • The limitless potential google + phone + hustle purveys.
  • Jesus.
  • The comfort of old friends and excitement of new ones.
  • Quotes from brilliant minds.
  • Simplicity.
  • Watching a film in a movie theatre.